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Innovative and reliable composite manufacturing techniques


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Established in 1968, Futura Composites was one of the first composite manufacturers in the Netherlands specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing of composite industrial components. Since then, Futura Composites team has grown to over 70 employees, varying from talented young designers to multi-skilled experienced craftsmen with the most diverse backgrounds. 


We are experts in composite materials. As the name indicates, a “composite” is a combination of two or more different materials to create a superior and unique material with unparalleled properties. This principle is nothing new. It can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egypt, where the most widespread building material was a mix of mud and straw: two basic materials that, if combined, reinforced each other, acquiring improved properties. 


Composite solutions are often superior to traditional materials. Using advanced composite design, premium materials, diverse bonding techniques and state-of-the-art production methods, we can incorporate virtually any properties into a composite product. 

We invite you to watch our recently released promotional film to have a closer look at Futura Composites!

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Since 2000, Futura Composites has been part of the Tesla Group, which comprises Tesla Engineering Ltd. (Sussex, UK), Futura Composites B.V. (Heerhugowaard, Netherlands), and Everson Tesla Inc. (PA, USA). With this union, we keep expanding our capacity and presence in the most diverse markets.

Quality Policy


Futura Composites BV Quality Management System ensures that products manufactured by the Company fulfill customer requirements, enables growth of the Company and maintains the effectiveness of current ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, complying at all times with the statutory and regulatory requirements. Managerial and organizational processes of the Quality Management System are described within the Quality Manual. These processes ensure that finished products, manufactured to the customer`s  specification, are delivered on time at a competitive price.

We will continually improve our Quality Management System and product quality by setting quality objectives which are monitored as part of the Management review. We will enhance the skills and capabilities of our workforce and expand the capabilities of the factory infrastructure as required for our business and market needs. The Quality Manager has overall responsibility for the coordination of the Quality Management System throughout the Company. All employees are responsible for operating within the Quality Management System.

Environmental policy


Futura is committed to protect and improve the environment in all areas of the company’s operations, by seeking continual improvement of our environment and employee safety and health as they relate to our products and operations. This is part of our commitment to preserve and enhance the environment, safety and health of our employees, customers, and neighbours.


The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of Futura’s management and a shared responsibility with our employees. Futura recognises that a commitment to the following guiding principles is fundamental in carrying out the company’s environmental policy:

  • To comply with environmental, safety and health laws and regulations, and to the extent practical, implement programs that exceed governmental requirements.

  • To consider environmental impacts as an essential element when evaluating new operations and processes

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

  • To establish objectives and targets aimed at the prevention of pollution by reducing the generation of waste, recycling waste that is generated, and properly disposing of waste that cannot be recycled.

  • To encourage conservation of energy, water, and natural resources through increased efficiency and the introduction of new technology.

  • To provide employees with a better understanding of environmental issues and the company’s commitment, policies, and programs to preserve and improve the environment. To openly make this policy available to all employees and the public.

If you have any question regarding our Quality and environmental management system do not hesitate to contact us.



First 3D-MRI Done

Futura Composites is proud to have contributed to the first treatment of a cancer patient in Europe using a 3D-MRI machine. The treatment was done in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam.

The full article is availabe in the link below. 

Article in Dutch.

The story of Futura Composites.
Read about the story of Futura Composites in the recently published article by "Van Hollandse Bodem".

Article in Dutch.

The HYPMED project (
Futura is proud to anounce its participation in the HYPMED project. This project focuses on the development of a digital hybrid breast PET/MRI system for enhanced diagnosis of breast cancer. 
The project`s aim is to develop a radiofrequency coil that can be connected to any regular clinical MR scanner and transform the device into a high-resolution PET/MRI hybrid system, which can be used to identify even the smallest breast cancer foci and better characterize the cancer as well as its response to therapy. Patients will also benefit as the radiation dose of the new technology will, in contrast to other PET-MRI examinations, be comparable to a regular digital mammogram.

NASA's Orion Solar Array Wing Deployment Test is a Success!


Futura Composites thrives to see how projects we are part of succesfully launch into the future of technology and mankind!

More info about this project here.

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