Since its establishment, Futura Composites has successfully carried out many ambitious projects, becoming a reliable partner of market-leading companies and institutions in both private and public sectors. These projects originate from very diverse markets, including medical devices, petrochemical, maritime, aerospace, robotics and electric power industries.

Medical devices

Futura Composites is partner with leading manufacturers of MRI systems. MRI systems offer the clearest demonstration of the advantages composite materials offer. These complex systems require absolute precision whilst also guaranteeing reliability. We produce components that satisfy all the specifications of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers of MRI systems.


Futura Composites has many years of experience in this field. We have been producing components for MRI systems ever since they were introduced in hospitals in the 1980s. Since then, this technology has developed tremendously, and our company has been evolving along. Our role has also developed throughout the years: initially we were only responsible for the manufacturing, but nowadays we also perform the engineering and development of new systems.



Futura Composites produces high pressure pipe connectors and chemical resistant heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry. High structural performance and chemical resistance are the key properties of composite parts for the petrochemical industry.


Telescopic masts, gangways and even submersible helicopter decks for Super Yachts as well as building engine parts and providing reliable sealing methods for Deepsea mining systems operating in water depths of up to 5000m.


Thermal resistance and structural integrity at extreme temperature variations are the main challenges in this field of expertise. The Galileo yoke arm produced at Futura provides a structural and thermal stable link between the solar panels and the satellite itself. Other projects : payload adapters, Sloshsat-Flevo, Sciamacchi, Goce, Herschel.


In the production environment, Futura Composites uses Robots for Pick and Place operations, this can upscale the production speed and reduce human error. Futura also produces parts for industrial robots, for which low mass inertia and high stiffness are the main targets.


Mass inertia, long life cycles and environmental resistance are of utmost importance in this field.


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